Brilliant times In Brighton

A couple of weeks ago, I headed along to coast to the vibrant city of Brighton with my friend Krissy. We were celebrating her birthday, and planned to really make a day of it. Both of us have been to Brighton many times before and love it, hence deciding this was the perfect location to … Continue reading Brilliant times In Brighton


Arctic Winter Survival Guide

This February, I had my first experience of an Arctic Winter when I travelled to Tromsø in Norway. The city itself wasn't overly cold, with temperatures only a few degrees above or below 0°c during the day, but when we were out in the night or early in the morning, we certainly did feel the … Continue reading Arctic Winter Survival Guide

Sorting Out The Bucket List

The concept of a 'bucket list' is something that has always appealed to me, and I think it comes down to the fact that I like to have something to look forward to, something to aim for. Whether travel-related or not, I've always got some sort of plan in the works, however, as a natural … Continue reading Sorting Out The Bucket List

A Day On The Farm At Netherfield, East Sussex

Working in a secondary school, I get a lot of perks, such as going on fun school trips to interesting places. Today's trip was to two farms in Netherfield, near Battle in East Sussex with a group of Year 9 Geography students. The farms we visited are outcentres for Plumpton College, which offers courses in … Continue reading A Day On The Farm At Netherfield, East Sussex

Chasing Lights In Norway, Finland and Sweden

When Katie and I booked our trip to Tromsø, Norway, one thing we both hoped for was a chance to see the Northern Lights. Living in the South of England, it was something neither of us had experienced before; we'd only ever seen photographs and footage of the phenomenon. After looking into our options, we … Continue reading Chasing Lights In Norway, Finland and Sweden

Dog Sledding In Tromsø: An Exhilarating Ride

When my friend Katie and I were deciding what activities to book for our holiday to Tromsø in Norway, dog sledding was one of the first things we thought of and booked. However, after the initial excitement, we developed some apprehensions: Is dog sledding cruel? In an attempt to reassure ourselves that we weren't about … Continue reading Dog Sledding In Tromsø: An Exhilarating Ride

Tromsø: The City That Stole My Heart

Quite often in life, plans are made and we have certain expectations, however, reality rarely lives up to the ideals we think up in our heads. There is always something that goes wrong - the hotel sucks, the landscape isn't as pretty as we've seen in pictures, we fall out with our friends... all manner … Continue reading Tromsø: The City That Stole My Heart