Baby Steps Towards Success: My First Sale on Society6!

When I first started out in the photography world, I had no idea how difficult it would be to actually make some money from it. After receiving many positive comments from my friends and followers on my Facebook Page, I decided to turn my hobby into something more, and looked into how my photography could earn me some money. My first step was to ask my friend and fellow photographer Hayley for advice. I realised it wasn’t going to be an easy ride towards success, and that I’d have to put a lot of work into promoting myself before I got any paid work.

I thought about getting some business cards printed, but I decided not to – I didn’t even have a business plan! Plus, who would I give them to? If I got any work, how much would I charge? It was all so confusing and daunting that I decided to think of another way, and then I stumbled upon Society6, a website where you can sell your art/photography on various printed products, such as cushions, phone cases, canvas prints and tote bags. I read up about how likely it was that I could make some decent money on there, and by all accounts, it did seem that my earnings would be small, and few and far between. Despite knowing this, I decided to give it a go. A few sales every now and then would be better than no sales at all!

I started uploading my photography onto the site, and spent hours cropping each image to fit on the various products. One thing I will say about Society6 is that it is very time consuming. Each product must be uploaded individually, and as they ask for specific image resolution, you have to have them pre-cropped to the exact resolution. Also, the money you make compared to the price your products sell for on the site is minuscule. But, still, as I said, I’d rather make a few pennies than none at all.

I began promoting my store across my blogs and social media, and I got quite a few comments and likes, but no sales. I couldn’t blame people, really. The products are expensive. To ensure the products were worth the price, I ordered two of my own items, a tote bag and a mug, and they were indeed high quality. I kept on uploading my photography, hoping that the more products I had on sale, the more money I would make.

My initial enthusiasm for Society6 soon died down. While their products were of a high quality, and I was actively promoting my store all over the internet, no one was buying anything. I kept my store online, and even set up a second store with Redbubble, but still nothing. So, I kind of forgot about selling my photography online for a while.

Despite my lack of success, I carried on taking photographs and promoting myself as a photographer and blogger. It was always more for my own enjoyment, but with hope, in the back of my mind, that one day, I might start seeing signs of success. And now I’m working on this blog, and planning trips and sharing old photographs in order to keep my content interesting and consistent, I’m even more determined to make a go of this.

On Thursday, I received and unexpected boost. I had some mystery money in my PayPal account and couldn’t think where it had come from, so I did some digging, and discovered that someone had bought one of my products from Society6! A canvas print, to be precise.  know it’s only one sale, and because I only make a small profit, I only gained a few £s from it, but it did make me smile to know that someone, somewhere, has my artwork hanging up on their wall!


Still basking in the glory of my mini success, I’ve gone onto Society6 yesterday morning and added some more products to my store. You can now buy the following prints on various products, including:


I really hope to sell some more items from either my Society6 or Redbubble store. Even the smallest sale gives me money I didn’t have before, which, as any traveller or artist will know, is essential for continuing to chase your dreams. If you are like my stuff, and are able to afford to buy it, please do! Every sale means so much to me, personally, and you will be helping me to turn my dream into a reality.

I have also set up a PayPal link, so if you would like to donate, you can! Honestly, even a penny would be greatly appreciated! Click here to donate! Thank you in advance to all who donate, or purchase one of my items, and thank you to anyone who enjoys my photography and articles! Remember to follow me so I can take you on more adventures.


2 thoughts on “Baby Steps Towards Success: My First Sale on Society6!

  1. Jurga says:

    Your post reminded me of how excited I was when I sold my first picture on a stock photography site years ago. I got 20ct commission and everyone in my family was laughing with me being so excited about it. But over the years it has become a steady source of income (and they don’t laugh anymore).
    So keep up the good work and while you are at it – you might want to join one or the other stock photography agency and sell your pictures online. I am with Getty Images/ iStock, but there are many many more – google it. Just be prepared for the fact that competition is harsh and it’s not easy in the beginning (what is, right?).

    Liked by 1 person

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