Feeling Reflective in Rye Harbour

“So, it’s 2016! I know it doesn’t really mean anything, but for some reason, the human race seems to think a New Year is going to magically transform them into better people who eat healthily and work harder, and that they’ll stop being such whiny sacks of woe… Anyway.

Yesterday, I went for a walk on my own. I immersed myself in nature and quietness. The wind was brutal with my hair, and the sun was far too bright, but I felt free. I don’t remember torturing myself about life, as I so often do.” – taken from my original post.


The last time I blogged about Rye Harbour was on New Year’s Day, months before I created Going Somewhere. After feeling like I needed to make some major changes in my life, and most likely stressing out about things a little too much, I decided to go for a walk on New Year’s Eve to clear my head. I took my camera along, of course, and in the beauty of nature along the walking route from Rye to Rye Harbour, I forgot my worries for a while.


Nine months on, I decided to take the same walk again, this time taking a detour to a lovely lake near Camber Castle, where I encountered more geese than I’ve ever seen in my life. I sat and watched them while I ate my lunch, and tried my best to capture them in flight. Unfortunately, not all of them were good enough to share here, and I was a little too far away from them for any close ups.


After most of the geese had flown away, I walked on into Rye Harbour, and then on towards its famous little black and red hut. I wish I could tell you more about the hut. All I know is, it is very old, dating back to pre-war times, and that many, many people have photographed it and posted it online. I captured the hut on New Year’s Eve, and again today. Somehow, it seemed different while I was lining up my shots today, but of course it hasn’t changed at all – it takes on a different persona through the changing seasons. In winter, it is lonely, cold and distant, battered by the freezing winds and drizzly rain. In summer, it sits contently amongst orange pebbles and looks happily out to sea, with its bright red roof being warmed by the hot sun.

After visiting the hut, I walked back home, feeling reflective. I thought about how different I felt as a person, since my last visit at the very end of last year. For once in my life, I’ve actually kept my resolutions, for the most part…

  1. To be more open with my fondness (something I find excruciatingly hard – if you ever hear me say nice things about you, you are very lucky and should value it like the most precious gem!)
  2. To continue making healthy choices, which has been a rip roaring success for about a month already.
  3. To spend at least two hours a week in nature, preferably alone.
  4. Keep up the good work!
  5. Stay positive.

While I don’t always get to spend at least two hours in nature, I do get out a lot more than I did before. Photography has become more than a hobby for me; it’s a passion. I’ve invested much more time into refining my skills, I’ve bought an additional lens, and I have been consistently uploading content to Flickr and Tumblr. Through doing all of this, I have realised what I actually want to do with my life. I suppose this fits in with staying positive, as my recent epiphanies about life, love and work have all come about since actively deciding to be happy. I may have taken a while to notice any real changes in myself and in my life, but that’s okay. As long as I get there in the end!


For more photographs from today’s and last year’s walks to Rye Harbour, click here.


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