Travel Talk in the Long Grass

Today I caught up with my friend Krissy, a fellow creative soul and very nice person. We didn’t make any plans as such, and ended up walking around town, eventually landing in the middle of a large patch of grass. We sat down, despite the long grass almost swallowing us up, and discussed everything from friendship, to travel, to life plans. It turns out that Krissy is feeling just as I am – a little bit lost and in need of an escape plan.


A lot has been going on in both of our lives, and it has led us to question our place in the world. What are we meant to be doing? Where are we meant to be going? What is it all about? Our deep, existential chat gave us a much needed sense of release, but simply talking was never going to be enough to fill us with the joy we’ve been lacking for some time. So, combining our mutual love of photography, and a desire to see the world, we came up with a plan: we are going on holiday!


Scrawled in blue eyeliner pencil on my work notepad, a list of potential holiday destinations came to be. Without a passport, Krissy is limited as to where she can go, and we’re hoping to keep our trip relatively inexpensive, so we’re looking at going somewhere in the U.K. If possible, we’ll hop on a National Express bus or two and use AirBnB to find a place to stay. It’s my mission tonight to do some research and see what could work. If we can come up with a good idea, we’re going to try to get away this October.


Even if we only spend a couple of days away from home, it will be worth it. Both of us are crying out for some peace and quiet, and for me, the pain of my Norway trip being cancelled would be eased if I had something else to look forward to. Plus, it will give both of us a new experience; going somewhere unknown is something neither of us do very often, and we both feel that it might boost our confidence levels. Then, perhaps in the future, we may be brave enough to go travelling on our own. That’s certainly something I would like, anyway, especially if I do get somewhere with this blogging lark.

I’m really glad that Krissy and I met up today. I don’t think either of us realised quite how the other was feeling, or how serious we were about travelling. I hope that we can get something planned for October, and that wherever we go, it brings us the sense of peace that we so desperately need.



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