My Travel Dream… Or Should I Say Reality?

I started writing a Tumblr post this morning, and it turned into something deep and profound. I just had to share it with you all here. Images were all found online. Credits given wherever possible.

For someone who has barely travelled in her life, I most certainly have been bitten by the travel bug. Coupled with a love of photography, this has led me to change my ideas about where I see my life going. For years I’ve wanted to be a teacher, but having seen what the profession is like up close, I now realise the reality of it far from meets the dream. My dream has morphed into something completely different; I want to be a travel writer and photographer.

I recently set up a new blog ( with the aim of filling it with my adventures, but there’s one major problem. I rarely get to go anywhere. I’ve always struggled to raise any kind of savings – life has a way of stealing your hard earned cash away just as you think you’re getting somewhere, and I’ve always been of the mindset that saving to buy a house is paramount, above any frivolous expense such as travelling. Therefore, holidays have always been more of a fantasy than something to actually strive for. Now I’ve fallen in love with the world, I realise that a fantasy doesn’t have to remain so. It can become a reality of you let it. I want to experience everything and go everywhere, and return home with snapshots of my memories! I’ve been to only a handful of places in my twenty eight years, and all of these were before I invested in a decent DSLR, so I don’t really have anything of quality to show the world where I’ve been. It’s time to change that.

Lately, some pretty dramatic changes have happened within my family, and we’ve all learned a strange life lesson: it doesn’t pay to be rich. When you are old, and if you are not able to be cared for by your family alone, your money, your house, your possessions will all be drained from you, faster than you can breathe one exhausted breath. Your life’s work will count for nothing as greedy care homes snatch your children’s inheritance from under your nose. It’s a harsh reality to have to face after feeling secure that what is yours is yours to keep. It has made me rethink my priorities and adjust my life plan.

Instead of saving to buy a house, which seems an impossibility in this economy anyway, I’m patiently waiting on the housing list. I don’t see why people who don’t work and just pop out a new kid every year can be given a house and I can’t, whilst living a comfortable life at my expense (tax). So, I’ve thrown my dignity out the window and will accept whichever house they say I can have. Then I’ll have a base, a nest I can call my own and return to without the stresses of home-ownership and all the financial worries that come with it. I can decorate it with my memories, like a museum of my own adventures. It will be my sanctuary when the world gets too noisy and I will love it for all of its comforts and familiarities, while planning where I’ll disappear to next.

My career will simply be a job from now on. I love what I do, don’t get me wrong, but it doesn’t pay enough to justify sticking around forever, with unwavering loyalty like I have been for two and a half years. All good things must come to an end, and I feel I’m definitely walking down the last stretch of road in this particular journey. I will stay all the while I am unable to make a living from photography alone (this may take some time considering that, as yet, I haven’t made a single penny from my photography, and my blog has no followers!) and take holidays whenever I can, during half term or whenever I’ve saved up enough time in lieu, to top up the content of my blog and raise some interest. Hopefully I’ll get some fans! Now there’s a thought!

Taking holidays is a challenge all by itself. Not only do I have to limit myself to school holidays, but I also don’t have the cash to pay for them. So I have a crazy plan that might work, at least once, if I am lucky. I will set aside a little time each week to scour the internet for holiday competitions. I’ll stick to reputable companies, of course, because I’m not that much of a risk taker, but I won’t be fussy about the destination. This morning I have entered three competitions already; to Jamaica, to Canada, and to Cornwall. I’ve also decided to throw inhibition to the wind and to sign up for any activities the holiday involves, whether they fall into my personal interests or not. I’ve never wanted to ski in my life, but why shouldn’t I give it a go? I might break a leg, but at least I’d have a new experience to blog about! It could be fun!

Having this epiphany, that the path I was walking down wasn’t the right one, has made me feel so much more excited about life. Before, life always felt like one long waiting game. Waiting for a house, waiting for a promotion, waiting for unrequited love to become requited… It was all so emotionally draining. I’m done with waiting. It’s time to go out and get what I want, and what I want is to experience the world first hand, to touch and smell and taste life in other lands… and to share it all with you. Now is the time to stop waiting for my life to become interesting and to get out there and make it interesting. Wish me luck, and join me if you like… Here goes!

View the original post here.


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